7 ways to awaken the light within and heal

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7 ways to awaken the light within and heal


So you’re awake…and aware….but you know there is some inner demons that need shining a light on. What to do?

Disclaimer: Only ever take advice that resonates with you, and always do your own reading and research before taking anyones word for anything (that includes me)

Many people are having a hard time right now here on earth and need to heal. I personally have pulled myself out of depression and a fear based life with an array of compulsive habits with the following tactics:

Meditation and breathwork – Learning to meditate is an absolute must. If you can’t seem to get the hang of it on your own then try a class.

Energy and spiritual Healing – Even the most renowned healers use healers to heal. Why would you be any different. Book yourself in for a reiki session or go even deeper into energy blocks with a source awakening session for even deeper healing. Try your local healing centre in Liverpool, http://www.kapucia.com


Natural diet – Switch to a plant based, organic diet, fasting as often as possible with frequent enemas.

Self love – This requires a reprogramming of thoughts (see meditation). This  YourTube meditation by Louise Hay can help. Listen to it every day for 30 days for the best results. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBGaVDJyU5A


Getting out in Nature – A natural environment can help centre the mind, fresh air improves blood pressure and the sun gives us our daily dose of healing vitamin D. Turn off all devices for a double whammy of the good stuff.

Turn off propaganda programming – Chuck out your telly, only allow yourself to watch life enhancing documentaries or self improvement videos. Don’t forget that your subconscious mind hears everything, so having it on ‘in the background’ is the same as watching it.

Plant Medicine – Plants are stepping up with helping humanity through the great awakening. Ayahuascha, Mugwort Cacao, DMT, Kambo, San Pedro, Salvia, Mushrooms, Cannabis…I could go on! Research which one is right for you before embarking on your plant medicine journey. http://sassandselfhelp.com/mugwort-plant-medicine-whats-the-sketch/



This is a crucial time in our earth history right now and we are being called upon to step up and to heal. Prioritise your life right, don’t take for granted the things that you should be most grateful: Friends and family, education and experience, self development, fun and laughter, wisdom, beauty, peace, respect, truth and Love. All the good stuff. Take what you need from life with a thankful heart.

Peace, love, light…and authenticity.

In la’kech

Geniene Azalea - Founder of Sass and Self Help
Geniene Azalea – Founder of Sass and Self Help





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