8 signs you’re an empath

8 signs you’re an empath

  • July 12, 2019
  • Sass

Empaths are highly sensitive to the emotions of people around them.

It seems like a new phenomenon but actually empaths have been around like, forever! Empath’s, whether they know it or not, tune into the vibration of people around them meaning that they can sense their emotions and even thoughts or illnesses

Here are eight signs that you might be an empath.

  • You pick up on vibes – some social situations can be physically draining for you. Nature is the place you feel the most calm.
  • People ask you for advice – sometimes the problems and issues of others may drag you down. You’re likely a natural healer. Animals are also drawn to you.
  • You understand other people’s perception – you can put yourself in anyone’s shoes and you can forgive easily. You’re often seen as a fair person. Striving for the truth is your game.
  • You can tell when someone is lying to you – you can spot a fake a mile away and you steer well clear. Your face gives everything away so you can’t lie either.
  • You can dislike, not trust, or overly like for reasons you might not yet know. You know when you walk in a room if the vibe is off. For that reason, you often need solitude.
  • Your moods may come in waves, one minute happy, the next sad. Feels like bi-polar? Either way you’re always looking for answers.
  • You’ve been accused of being too sensitive – you’re not though. You’re just a highly creative soul.
  • You have an addictive personality – Empaths are often addicted to alcohol, drugs or food to block out the emotions of others

Empath’s should take care not to allow others to abuse their kindness and goodwill. The world is a tough place to be as it is dominated by less sensitive people. Empaths are naturally giving and good listeners, world class nurturers if you like.

Are you an empath?

All the love and In la’kech

Geniene x





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