Forgo the fake and radiate your authentic spiritual self

Forgo the fake and radiate your authentic spiritual self


Forgo the fake and radiate your authentic spiritual self

The idea of a positive mind, positive life is all well and good, but understanding that the concept of spirituality is not just about how outwardly happy you can be. Nor is it about and how much happiness you can show to the world, but going on an inner journey dealing with uncomfortable and unresolved wounds and feelings, and not avoiding ones own fundamental emotional and psychological needs.

Being authentic is the unhindered, raw, nakedness of the soul, to be without the hindrance of ego.

It’s easy to spot someone authentic, those ones that are so comfortable that they feel natural and real, they ‘say it how it is’ with awareness and compassion. These are the people we trust in life – they’re real.

Appealing traits such as strength of character, emotional resilience and being true to yourself takes tenacity, confidence and bravery.

Think about how you treat the people closest to you in your life, for instance, your partner. Do they get a different version of you than the general public?

Would you show that side of your personality to everyone or would you be afraid of being judged?

New age spirituality is carving out a new exotic role for the ego to play, this isn’t authentic, this is acting.

So how does one become authentic? Well it’s about living in the now, being in the present, being real and natural and comfortable in your own skin. Being real is important, not hiding the darkness we all hold, but shining a light on it.

Its hard to be authentic if you are scared about what others think of you, adjusting your behaviours to please others so they accept you isn’t being authentic. Going inside and accepting and making peace with those parts of ourselves that we reject or don’t like, learning to love the less desirable parts of our being is.


With spiritual wisdom you can’t ‘fake it, til you make it’

Being outwardly happy all the time does not a spiritual and authentic person make

Raw and real honesty is order of the day.

We all have an inner darkness to address. Authenticity steps in when your mind moves out of the way to let your beautiful soul shine through. Being you, from the core is genuine authenticity.

True energy of authenticity means the demise of ego led behaviour, embrace your shadow!

Much love,

G x

Our shadows hold the essence of who we are. They hold our most treasured gifts. By facing these aspects of ourselves, we become free to experience our glorious totality: the good and the bad, the dark and the light. It is by embracing all of who we are that we earn the freedom to choose what we do in this world. As long as we keep hiding, masquerading, and projecting what is inside us, we have no freedom to be and no freedom to choose.-Debbie Ford

Geniene Azalea - Founder of Sass and Self Help
Geniene Azalea – Founder of Sass and Self Help



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