What do people mean when they talk about awakening?

What do people mean when they talk about awakening?


‘The awakening of consciousness is an evolutionary step for mankind – Eckhart Tolle’

Ok we know what being awake is, its when you get up in the morning and get on with your day before going back to sleep right? Not in this case.

We as a planet have been asleep for a very long time, this means we have lost our awareness about the connections around us and we are all feeling individual and spirit from everything and everyone around us. Awakened people realise that the Elite powers that run the world have hijacked our minds through mass media programing 


Many things can cause us to start to awaken from this slumber, a realisation in your government lies, a hidden secret about your countries history, acknowledging a misconception in another countries history, just recognising your whole beings connection to all that is around you or their could be a catalyst in your emotional or even physical wellbeing.

Some people speed up their awakening process through a powerful trauma or are diagnosed with a terminal illness. For me it was many things but recognising the lies surrounding cannabis prohibition and the end of a soulmate relationship that woke up spiritually, being attuned to Reiki, oh and a date with DMT, but thats another story.

 There are many levels of ‘awake’ however and everyone is on a different path, essentially leading to the same place.


“Some people are born awake and stay awake their whole lives, its said that if children are nurtured with real awareness then they are more likely to ‘stay awake’ 

A more awakened soul can assist another in waking up faster and also maintaining a higher awareness, the levels of awake you will get to in this way will obviously depend on the level of ‘awake’ your guide is. 

So you’re awakening? Its lonely and its a bit scary, so now what? The soul will try and work out what their work for the world is going to be.

I suggest you set up a network of people who are going through the same thing as you, you will find them all understanding that the same path we are all headed to is LOVE.





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