Chakras for beginners


Chakras for beginners


chakras What we feel and think and are, is to a great extent determined by the state of our ductless glands and viscera.  ~Aldous Huxley

So what the hell is a chakra?? The word comes from the sanskrit name for wheel. Translated directly from hindu it means ‘Wheel of spinning energy’ Chakras are energy centres in the physical body that are continuously receiving, processing and sending out energy , they are the key to our operation of being, our internal spinning wheels draw in codes information from the environment around us, the codes can come in all kinds of ways from in the form of colours our frequency to another aura, i’ll be talking about frequencies in another blog.

There are actually 114 chakras in the body but unless you’ve got all week to learn them its probably best we stick to the main 7 in order that your head doesn’t go spinning off along with your newly found chakras 😉 

Chakra 1 – is the root chakra located in the base of the spine, feet and legs it vibrates to the colour of RED, when this chakra is out of balance FEAR shows up

Chakra 2 – is the Sacral Chakra located in the hips and pelvis, it vibrates to the colour of Orange, when this chakra is out of balance GUILT shows up

Chakra 3 – is the solar plexus chakra located around the navel area, it vibrated to the colour of Yellow, when this chakra is out of balance SHAME shows up

Chakra 4 – is the heart chakra this is located in the upper chest back and shoulders, it vibrates to the colour of Green, when this chakra is out of balance Grief shows up

Chakra 5 – is the throat chakra, this is located in the throat, neck and jaw at vibrates to the colour of turquoise, when this chakra is out of balance DISHONESTY and LYING show up

Chakra 6 – is the third eye chakra, this is located in the centre of the forehead and vibrates to indigo, when this chakra is out of balance ILLUSION can show up

Chakra 7 – is the crown chakra, this is located in the top of the head and vibrates to violet, out of balance? Can bring in ATTACHMENT issues

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