Can’t make Meditation class? No worries!

Can’t make Meditation class? No worries!


So, it took me a while but I finally got off my arse and did it. I recorded a short 15 minute version of my Meditation class for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. You can get it here

Consider how powerful the subconscious mind is for a moment, there are many true stories of people that have spontaneously healed from incurable illness to their doctors amazement or think of the placebo effect and how a sugar pill can really work to change something physiologically in the subject. The mind is so so powerful, we must heed what we allow it to come into contact with. My meditation has been created with the idea that we can re-write our subconscious programming by overwriting the bad programming.

The secret? Repetition. Say it enough and you will truly believe it, and that is where this meditation comes in. Play it every day and watch your life change.

There is no substitute to going to a class but as many people have busy lives it’s not always so easy to have the kids looked after or put some other chore off. I have created this so you can use my Positive Affirmations daily, from the comfort of your own home, or wherever else you see fit for that matter.

This Meditation is absolutely FREE and is available now for you to download easily at this link. In addition to this all of my courses and workshops will soon be available for you to download in my Sass and Self Help School.

I hope it helps you,

In la’kech and all my lovin’

Geniene Azalea





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