Can’t meditate? 6 tips for meditation in your every day life.


Can’t meditate? 6 tips for meditation in your every day life.


Can’t meditate? 6 tips to include meditation into your every day life.

Spirtual growth comes from the practice of meditation, because the practice of meditation brings a growing sense of egolessness”

If that quote doesn’t inspire you to get your head round meditation then nothing will. Take it from someone who went from mad head to meditator in a matter of weeks, the benefits of this ancient practice are endless! 

Meditation is finally being recognised in the west for its healing and calming effects on the body. However to sit and try and empty your mind is near on impossible and you need to know that you don’t have to actually ‘Meditate’ like you would think in order to receive the great benefits. I’m sure this will come as good news for a lot of people who have tried meditation and don’t feel they can master the ‘empty mind’. It can take much practice so don’t give up if that is your end goal. 

 Here are some ways you can meditate without sitting cross legged with incense chanting Ommmmmm.

1 – breathing, there are many different breathing techniques, try and find one that suits you, I like to breath in through my nose for 3, hold for 3 then exhale through my mouth for 3, do this for a few minutes to start and see how you feel- its ironic how the easiest and most effortless thing we do each day becomes the one thing that is the most beneficial. Take time to learn how to be one with your breath. Breath is life

2 – Yoga – bringing the presence into a physical activity, by the way it doesn’t necessarily have to be yoga, any exercise can be used to love our bodies in an active meditation. Find a way you like to move your body so that you relax while at the same time getting your heart rate up, be mindful of the good work you are doing for your body whilst your are engaged in your chosen activity

3 – Cooking. We have to do it to live so you might as well be getting some benefits, you have to pay attention anyway cos otherwise you’re gonna lose a finger. Use all your senses to look, listen, feel smell and taste. Focusing on the way you are chopping vegetables or arranging the food as a delicious visual representation of your creation are forms of meditation

4 – Listening to music – lots of people say they listen to music, but do you really listen? Or is it just on in the background whilst you are cooking or driving? Choose some relaxing music that you love and close your eyes and just listen

5 – Sleep  – The dalai lama said sleep is the best meditation, its a chance for our conscious mind to have a rest, sometimes stressful situations can’t be dealt with by our waking mind so sleep becomes imperative to detach from our thoughts and truly relax the body 

6 – Art – that can even mean colouring in if you are artistically challenged, but think photography, sculpture sewing, make up or drawing. Art is one of the highest forms of creation and it can be fun and relaxing

Obviously there are more than 6, my Mum uses swimming and I know others that walking the dog is their meditation, find the right practice for you, I recommend going to a meditation class to really go expert.




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