Fasting? Isn’t that just starving yourself?

Fasting? Isn’t that just starving yourself?


Fasting? Isn’t that just starving yourself?

Well actually, no.

Fasting is an amazing way for your body to get to work on the jobs that really need doing. I mean i’m not one for dogmatic religion but maybe there’s a good reason that most of the worlds major religion’s have periodic fasting.

So what is fasting exactly? Well, it’s restricting food (and sometimes drink) for a certain number of hours. No, you won’t die if you don’t eat or drink for a day or two, in fact I went sixteen days a while back…read more here.

Why would you even do that? Sooooooo many health benefits, too many to list but here’s a few that i found particularly appealing…weight regulation, improved mood, reduced insulin, healthier skin and the release of extra growth hormones. Fasting has been known to improve and sometimes reverse the following ailments Epilepsy, Parkinsons, Huntingtons, Dementia, Arthritis, heart disease, Pancreatitis and obesity.  Regular fasting can help rebuild an entire immune system.

We see this phenomenon in nature, with animals. They don’t eat when they’re sick as they instinctively know how to heal.

In my personal experience, a fast gives me more mental clarity and helps with food regulation. I’ve also read that it can reverse the signs of ageing and as i’m swiftly approaching forty that can only be a good thing!

How long to fast? I started small, just 24/24 hours at first working up to longer, listen to your body and make sure that you are able to rest when you need to. It’s like a muscle you are growing, you will get better the longer you practice.

Dry fasting (no food or water)  is three times as powerful but obviously three times as difficult. Again, start with twelve hours (eight of them you will be asleep) and work up to longer. The major benefits come after three days when the body starts the process of autophagy.

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