I fasted for 16 days on only water and didn’t die.

I fasted for 16 days on only water and didn’t die.


Disclaimer: If you copy me and something happens to you, that’s your own stupid fault

“The most vehement objections to fasting are made by those who have never missed a meal in their lives.” – Dr. Herbert Shelton (1895-1985)

I declined to tell most people that I was doing this water fast because a) I never intended on doing it, it just kind of happened and b) everyone already thinks i’m nuts so telling people i was going to attempt to water fast for 21 days without food was hardly going to help my cause.
So why did I start water fasting? Well I was actually looking to reduce my alcohol intake so I went along to a Kambo ceremony, which you can read about here http://sassandselfhelp.com/kambo-for-alcohol-dependency/

After I had completed day 1 of water fasting I felt really good and it reminded me of some reading I had been doing on the subject of water fasting so I decided to delve back into my research, some of the promised benefits really appealed to me so i thought i would just carry it on so long as it was easy and it didn’t make me feel bad in any way. I was going to listen to my body and respond accordingly.
Water fasts are usually tried out by people for many different therapeutic reasons, it can be very valuable to the body to assist in healing hypertension, auto-immune disease and many other types of acute illness caused by the western diet. It is also a powerful tool to slow down the ageing process, boost the immune system and even help to fight cancer. Water fasting is not starving yourself, read more about the benefits in another blog here

Having done a few 3 day juice detoxes in the past and failing miserably on the 2nd day (Sometimes the first!!) I didn’t hold out much hope for me getting very far!
Actually the first 6 days went by really easily, I was shocked that the hunger had all but disappeared and I actually had more energy than when I was eating! I made sure I put myself into circumstances where other people were eating and drinking as by this time I realised that one of the real changes I wanted to make was with my emotional attachments to food which I have been struggling with for years, a comfort eater if you like.
So while my friends ate their lovely food and drank their wine, I stayed on my water, I even made it on a trip to Glastonbury with the girls while smelling all their tasty home made vegan food. I was actually sniffing everything and planning on all the healthy and alive vegetarian food i was going to put into my body when i began eating. I didn’t drink any particular amount of water, just drank when I was thirsty.

Water or water, anyone?
Water or Water, anyone?


16 days passed and it was so much easier than I ever thought, i was planning on making it to 21 days but I jumped up and felt really dizzy on day 16 so thats when i decided to call it a day.

So what were the benefits for me? Well I actually really enjoyed the experience, which is ironic for a girl who could never stick to a diet for love nor money.
I had so much more clarity, I felt present in every moment and was observant rather than reactionary.
I lost 10/12 pounds although it might have been more as I didn’t really weigh myself properly before and after
My skin became very clean and clear
I have managed my relationship with alcohol.
So after making it to 16 days on a water fast, my attention has been turned to dry fasting, which obvs i’ll blog about when its done, if I don’t die 😉

Oh maybe I should add that the only other thing I consumed during this fast was Cannabis, far from giving me the munchies, it actually helped me to stay motivated 😀

My experience with water fasting? It’s easy and beneficial 🙂


Want to know what in the hell this DMT is that everyone is going on about? http://sassandselfhelp.com/hell-dmt-everyone-going/





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