Say hop it to Alcohol and Drug dependency with Kambo Frog poison?

Say hop it to Alcohol and Drug dependency with Kambo Frog poison?


Say hop it to Alcohol and Drug dependency with Kambo Frog poison?


The healing comes from nature and not from the physician, therefore the physician must start from nature and with an open mind – Paracelsus


The first time I heard about kambo was in a vice documentary a few years ago, Hamilton, Vices regular tripper was out in the amazon taking it and I have to admit at the time I just thought it was all a bit nuts.   Having since sampling a variety of plant medicines including ayahuascha and dmt, when I came across it again through a facebook friend offering Kambo ceremonies, I was no longer phased by it and knew I wanted to try it to reduce my alcohol intake.
I decided to sign up and see whether it could actually work. Up to this point the most amount of time to go past without getting drunk was 21 days whilst on a 30 day yoga challenge since, oh probably when i was a teenager!
In my usual style I don’t like to to do too much reading up on these things before I go into them, as i prefer to have no expectations as to what might happen in the ceremony. The ceremony I participated in was with Lewis Powell – who is one of a few advanced practitioners in the world and specialises in more progressive diseases and drug addictions. Lewis is registered with the not-for-profit group which has been created for the protection of the frog and the safety of clients. The Kambo is sourced from the Matses tribe in Peru, approximately 10’000 people per week receive Kambo around the world so I felt in safe hands.
Indigenous people of Brazil, Columbia and the Amazon use Kambo as a traditional shamanic medicine to cure ailments such as headaches, allergies, thyroid problems, arthritis, and even addiction to certain pharmaceutical medication such as sleeping pills and anti-depressants. They believe Kambo’s primary purpose is to remove panema, which essentially translates to bad luck, depression, laziness, sadness, or anything that causes any difficulty or disease. Kambo has had 3 decades of scientific research on the peptides that are in the medicine, it has been proven that certain peptides can kill cancer cells in lab petri dish.

Legend has it that illness struck in an indigenous village and a shaman named Kampu tried every medicine he could think of to heal the sick villagers, but nothing worked. Kampu was visit by the great god whilst under the effects of Ayahuascha and showed him how to use the frogs secretion and the secrets of the Kambo frog, after returning to the tribe and under the instructions he had been given Kampu was able to heal his people.
It is important to the indigenous people that the frog is not harmed in any way and is treated with the utmost respect, as it is a spirit of the forest. Extraction of the saliva does not harm the frog.
So what happens? The practitioner, in my case Lewis opens the ceremony with some mantras and music to invoke the spirit of the kambo, then 3 openings are burnt into your leg where the kambo is administered. Then its just you and your bucket as the effects of Kambo are purgatory, it is normal to feel nauseated, potentially vomiting or eliminating via the toilet. So yeah its not exactly the most pleasant of experiences, but only lasting around 20 mins, its hardly the 10 hours of writhing around puking like you get with Ayahuascha, and no hallucinating with Kambo, its a straight in, feel sick, ship out kind of medicine, within an hour you feel normal again.

Kambo ceremony scars
Kambo ceremony scars

The results? Well it sparked a water fast for me, in which I didn’t eat or drink anything apart from water for 16 days.  Read about it here

I have only drank a fraction of what I would have before, and as 3 treatments are recommended i’ll be facing the frog again very soon.






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