The Law of Attraction revealed. Ssssshhh it’s a secret…

The Law of Attraction revealed. Ssssshhh it’s a secret…


Have you heard of the not so secret secret?

Matter is nothing but energy. Thoughts are also energy. Therefore thoughts can become things.


Energy cannot die, it can only transform, think of the elements of water, steam, liquid, ice.

The Law of Attraction is for everyone, there’s not a handful of special people that can use it, its genuinely for us all. We are human magnets who can attract back what we put out through our thoughts and emotions. Unfortunately not everyone is aware of this special power that we have been given collectively so we are so busy with life that we are leaving our thoughts and emotions unchecked. You get out what you put in, so to speak, so its time to start monitoring your thoughts as you now know, that you reap what you sow.

If you have a lot of thoughts going round your head uncontrollably then it’s time you learnt to Meditate

Once you have mastered the art of quietening your mind then you must decide what it is you want to attract, be clear on what you want as the universe can be literal, i was traveling in Thailand last year and I wanted some new friends, preferably someone from my home city,  so I asked to meet people from Liverpool and a guy called Michael showed up, he was from Liverpool, Australia! So you get my point about being specific with what you want. It has to be something you really want and have a strong enthusiasm for.

So you know what you want, now what!?



Gratitude should take a strong precedent, if you aren’t grateful for what you have already the universe most certainly won’t send you anything more…..I recommend thinking of reasons to be grateful at least once a day, I do it when I wake up as i really think it can set you up for the day thinking of all the reasons to be happy and grateful in life.

See the thing you are asking for as already yours, imagine how you would feel if you had it, visualise your life with this desire fulfilled.  Imagine yourself excitedly telling your friends and family that your manifestation has come true. Really feel the feelings of your wish showing up. The longer time you can spend in your daydream the better.

Now its time to let go and trust. Be happy, the universe is always on our side……

I’m so blessed to call the lady that coached me on the law of attraction my friend these days, how about that for a manifestation? Anyway I highly recommend this book written by her if you would like to study this amazing law further Linda West – Secrets the secret never told you

Good luck

Geniene x










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