Looking for a natural alternative to health and wellness?

Looking for a natural alternative to health and wellness?


“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” – Albert Einstein

I started learning about energy 2 years ago, having gone from being absolutely clueless in energy work and it’s healing properties, to a Reiki master in a short space of time. My interest was piqued recently when I saw an article in the local press about a treatment called bioresonance that can pick up on illnesses through tuning into the frequencies in our body.
Naturally i was intrigued to find out more so I booked an appointment with Dr Paul Boland, a Veterinary Surgeon and bioresonance practitioner based in Liverpool. Paul explained that he has used bioresonance to pick up and treat many illnesses in his patients including the so-called ‘invisible’ illnesses like Fibromyalgia, Depression, Lyme Disease and Candida to name but a few. Its a difficult concept to get your head around, hence I have been putting off writing this article for weeks as I really didn’t want to do a disservice to the procedure by explaining it incorrectly and simplifying such a complex advanced therapy is, well, far from simple !!
Bioresonance uses electromagnetic frequencies generated by the patients bodies to detect the presence of toxins, bacteria, parasites and other harmful intruders. All of the cells we have produce tiny electromagnetic vibrations and when these cells are healthy they emit harmonious signals that communicate with each other, they face obstacles when carrying out their tasks which come in the form of intruders like toxins, germs, parasites and infections. The presence of these harmful gatecrashers leads to change in the cells because they can’t perform their tasks without obstruction. Some of the changes that can occur can be:
Mental and physical exhaustion
Digestive problems
Skin and allergy problems
Persistent fatigue
The aim of bioresonance is to harmonise these disturbed frequencies. If you consider that cells are controlled by electromagnetic fields you can see how introducing healthier frequencies can restore balance resulting in overall health and wellbeing. To explain simply if you were to put 2 tuning forks side by side with not much space in-between, hitting one of the forks will cause both forks to resonate with that identical frequency sending out the same tone. You’ve probably experienced a frequency machine at some point in your life if you’ve ever had an EEG or ECG at the hospital, its the same sort of concept as they also read from the human bodies electrical signals, patients don’t feel anything and I would describe it as quite relaxing. Paul Boland owns a bioresonance practice in Liverpool had this to say:
“Bioresonance therapy is an non-invasive, painless, safe and proven therapy for many diseases in people and animals. In fact we can say that we can cure allergies and food intiolerances because of Court ruling in Munuch in 2009. I am constantly amazed at the amazing improvements that I see in my human and animal patients. I have successfully treated people and animals where Doctors and Vets thought that there would be no improvement.”
Dr. Paul Boland - Bioresonance practitioner
Dr. Paul Boland – Bioresonance practitioner


Or contact Paul via his Facebook or website or call on 07961 790 249



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