Do you believe in Magic?

Do you believe in Magic?



Have you been looking for a go-to place for knowledge on matters of the Soul? Got lost along the path and looking for some answers?

Sass and Self Help have a solution in the form of our hand picked gifted healing goddesses, joining us for our first ever Magic Skool. Our 6 week course is guaranteed to guide you back to your bliss with mind altering modules to stimulate your senses, activate your soul, nurture the inner child and listen to the higher voice within.

The first course will run for 6 weeks every Thursday from the 15th February. between 6pm – 9pm.

The following 6 modules will be covered over the course of the 6 weeks

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Magic Skool – All about Crystals with Sancia Andrede

Sancia Andrede

Sancia was born into a family of healers and has been working with crystals for 40 years. A certified Reiki Master for 14 years,she has been working in pranic massage and energy healing before opening Magic Willow shop inside Quiggins after a sign from the universe. She is a huge advocate of the healing powers of crystals and informs us of new crystals that are appearing all the time.

Praise for Sancia – “A wonderful woman with beautiful energy”

An introduction to shamanism with Rachel Claire

Rachael Claire

Rachael is a Shamanic Practitioner, Energy Healer and Medicine Retreat Host. She has been using various shamanic practices and plant medicines for many years to assist in her own healing journey. Rachael is currently going through intense shamanic training. She has come a long way with the aid of teacher plants, meditation, energy healing, shamanic practices and a healthier lifestyle. 

“A gifted healer and Shaman”

Magic Skool – Life coaching tips with Anne Marie Mayers

Anne-Marie is a Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Worker & Quantum Holographic Echo Healing™ Teacher/Trainer. She works with people to unlock their full potential and bring about lasting change at a core level. She is a fully accredited Institute and Leadership Management Coach (ILM5), Positive Psychology and Well Being Coach, Metaphysical Healer and Trainer of Quantum Holographic Echo Healing™.

“A wonderful and genuine healer, that works from the heart”

Magic Skool – You can heal your life with Cheryl Kerr

Cheryl Kerr

“Truly inspirational”

Cheryl Kerr, is a certified Life Coach and Licensed Teacher of metaphysical lecturer, and best-selling author, Louise Hay’s, Heal Your Life®️ philosophy. After making a million and losing it and developing breast cancer, she now specialises in spiritual development and mindset coaching.

Magic Skool – Embrace your shadow with Geniene Azalea

“A wonderful soul with a lot of wisdom”

Geniene Azalea

Geniene Azalea is a recovering PR girl, a graduate of the University Of Life. Reiki master and daily practitioner since 2015, she was taught mindfulness and meditation in personal practice by a former Buddhist monk, sometimes sitting together in introspection for hours at a time.A spontaneous spiritual awakening guided her into a soul journey through Thailand, India and Bali and she now teaches mind expanding courses, meditation and Reiki and inspires people into their own journeys.


Magic Skool – Awakening the Kundlaini with Angela Sri Preet Kaur

Angela Sri Preet Kaur

Energy exchange: £45 deposit to pay. Then £22.50 per week in advance.

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