Making money and being spiritual – can they go together?

Making money and being spiritual – can they go together?


Making money, abundance and being spiritual – can they go together?

Money provides people with the possibilities of changing the world, that in itself is a highly spiritual thought. Why then, do so many spiritual healers and mentors have trouble grasping the fact that you can be spiritual and also make a lot of money?

Well, in two words, poverty consciousness.


We, the people have mostly been raised to believe that there is a lack, or not enough to go round. Think of the terms Money doesn’t grow on trees, Money is the root of all evil, you have to work hard to make money. All of these sayings, and more may have been impressed upon our subconscious mind. You may even have a belief system that all rich people are horrible in some way.

Money is just energy, like everything else. At the end of the day, we all need money to survive and to thrive so unfortunately its pretty hard to ‘be above’ that need.

Now what I’m not saying is that money makes you happy. Of course, cash alone can’t do that, but being able to meet your own needs, and also to help others? Well that’s a different story. What I believe to be really important is how you are making the dough in the first place.

Money is actually used as an energy exchange, so if we are earning it doing good in the world then of course we should be rewarded fairly for our work, just the same as everybody else.



Money can become positive if our intentions are pure, maintain a healthy relationship with money and materiality and balance this in other aspects of life.

The act of both giving and receiving is indeed spiritual, providing for loved ones, strangers and acts of charity are all noble and positive ways to use the energy that is money.

Do you have abundance blocks in your life holding you back from making money? If you were taught that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ then it’s time to learn new techniques to overcome these blockages.

As it happens, I have a course for that! Check out my Law of Attraction mastery course





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