What is my Spirit animal?

What is my Spirit animal?


What is my Power/Spirit animal?

Everyone has a Power/Spirit animal. They may represent certain qualities that you see in yourself.

As well as Guardian Angels and Guides you have an entire support team from the realms of spirit. A power (or spirit animal as it is often called) is choosing you to work with you at this time.


Animals are an important part of our spiritual team helping keep you in tune with the earth and empowering and guiding you on your journey. These guides may join for a short time to help overcome an emotional challenge, give strength, or offer protection. It’s quite possible that you have more than one.

People have been connecting with their spirit animal for thousands of years, indigenous and ancient cultures have drawn on the power of animal spirits and integrated them into spiritual practice and daily life. 


Your Spirit animal may represent certain characteristics and attributes that you see in yourself, you don’t have to be a shaman to meet yours and start working with them, they chose you and are here to remind you of your inherent wisdom.

To be guided into meeting your spirit or power animal, check out my upcoming MEET YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL EVENT

Tap into the wisdom of the animal kingdom, learn how to work with yours!

Lots of Love


Geniene Azalea - Founder of Sass and Self Help
Geniene Azalea – Founder of Sass and Self Help









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