Mugwort Plant Medicine– Whats the sketch?

Mugwort Plant Medicine– Whats the sketch?


Mugwort Plant Medicine– Whats the sketch?

So by now we have all heard of such plant medicines as Ayahuascha, Cacao, DMT etc but Mugwort?? Sounds weird doesn’t it?

We know that plants are the foundation to our survival as they provide us with air. In terms of consciousness, plants are intelligent light beings that are here to help us with the waking up of humanity by stepping up and gifting us with their inspiration and of course, healing.

Native to the British isles, The Moon plant Mugwort allows us to work with the hidden depths of our psyche and the unseen. Long since used for psycho-spiritual transformation. It is known as the witches first herb due to it’s powerful healing and magical qualities.

When ingested it re-aligns your thought processes making you more present and right in the now, during your waking state, hence it’s nickname ‘The dreaming herb’.


In unbalanced aspects of life, the plant can bring them into alignment. It can bring conscious awareness to hidden parts of the psyche for release and transformation.

Release, unblock and balance is the order of the day in a Mugwort ceremony.

Conclusion: Mugwort is a perfect way to start your plant journey or a beautiful reminder of what you already knew.

See you at the ceremony!


If you are interested in trying it for yourself, Kapucia on Lord Street, Liverpool City Centre, is holding a one off Magical Mugwort Ceremony on Friday 7th April at 7pm.

Call 0151 227 4946 to book.






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