One Sacred Sunday – The Celebration

One Sacred Sunday – The Celebration


One Sacred Sunday – The Celebration.

So, i’ve been wanting to do this type of event for ages, a kind of spiritual fair with market stalls, speakers and entertainment throughout the day. A place to get sacred, meet new people, connect with old friends, dance, sing and just generally have a ball.

I work alone most of the time so i’m so excited to be teaming up with an amazing lady called Leona Harris of HarrisWorks, we have brought our skills together to throw a lil (large) party. Leona will also be bringing her wisdom and 30 years of Tarot card reading experience to One Sacred Sunday.

The sessions

If you haven’t tried a didgeridoo sound bath then you are missing out! Known to be calming to the central nervous system as well as a great tool to de-stress. The wonderful Darren Greene will be kicking off our event at 2pm with the magnificent vibrations from this sacred instrument. The didge is absolutely a healer and a sound bath at your local healing centre would usually set you back around £20 alone, but all the sessions are fully included in our day pass.

Martin Bone, of Planet Yoga will be joining us to talk about Mindfulness and Meditation techniques. A great way for anyone to get started into the world of inner peace. You can find more information about Martin at

Personally, I am going to be doing a talk on the Law of Attraction. Find out how to use the power of your subconscious mind to manifest amazing things into your life! Oh and there will be a chance to win my Law of Attraction mastery course, worth £111, on the day. Check out more details about my course here

On top of all this we will have market stalls, jewelry, skincare, crystals, vintage clothes and gift items. Workshops held including Mandala weaving, Rock painting and and Eco Brick workshop.

Come party with us at District in the Baltic Triangle! Ticket are £11.11. The next 20 tickets receive a FREE organic Cacao Rum from Cane & Bean 1870

This ticket allows you entry and re-entry all day long. More information here at

All the love, and in la’kech





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