Raising your vibration – what’s that about?

Raising your vibration – what’s that about?

  • July 25, 2017
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Raising your vibration, what’s that about?

“You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.” —Deepak Chopra

Your vibration basically describes your overall state of being. Everything in the universe is made up of energy, vibrating and oscillating at different frequencies. On a quantum level even things that look to us like they are solid matter, are not. That includes you.

High vibrations of being are good health, positive thoughts and emotions and a strong spiritual connection. 

People who live on a high vibration find it easier to attract the things that they want into their life, they are able to connect to their power of intention and utilise the law of attraction. Ssshh it’s a secret 😉

But unfortunately its not as easy as pretending to be happy, you have to truly be and that means you have to start owning your shit. The universe knows if you’re not being authentic and sooner or later the cracks will show and eventually the walls will come tumbling down.


Our human conditioning starts practically from birth, we were taught who to be in a world by people who didn’t know how to be. It’s kind of a process of unlearning all that, and then relearning a different way to be, healing our own damaged inner child along the way

You will need to tap into what your subconscious belief systems and recognise where they came from in order to dissipate. Learning how to realise which emotions are coming up for you and what they mean metaphysically.

Learning to control those negative thoughts through regular meditation. The amount of people who come to me and say they “can’t do meditation as their mind is too busy” makes me laugh, that’s how everyone is before they learn! The fact that you have trouble doing it, means you really need it!

A key element in raising your vibration is being conscious of the food you eat, some foods vibrate high and some low. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that eating the flesh of dead animals isn’t exactly uplifting. High vibration foods include organic fruit, vegetables and nuts.


Learning to love ourselves, in all our glory, flaws and all. Self love is one of those awkward topics as we are taught the association of self love with ego and thats not what we’re talking about here. It’s easy to see how we don’t love ourselves, through detrimental thoughts about ourselves, abusing alcohol or drugs, abusing sex. gambling or spending too much money to name a few. 

The secret to self love, is to travel to your soul, recognise your ego, the part of you that always wants more. Enlighten yourself through reading nourishing books, participate in self-reflective practice and love yourself by going beyond all the fears and have the courage to feel your feelings. It takes practice and it takes pain, but it can be done.

Being authentic to who you really are and then living it, takes time. Start by taking a day not to complain about anything and be grateful for what you have, continue each day until you find that it becomes your natural state.

Ever spent time with someone and then come away feeling drained? Thats the feeling you don’t want, so stay away from people and things that make you feel low or drained. Exchange your energy wisely!

Connect with your breath, I always tell my friends, breathing’s free 🙂 Plug into nature and go outside and ground yourself by walking in your bare feet on the grass or dirt. Find out how to use Crystals and start a Self-reflective practice like yoga or xi gong. 

In la’kech. Love and high vibes!

Geniene x

Geniene Azalea - Founder of Sass and Self Help
Geniene Azalea – Founder of Sass and Self Help



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