Reiki for Spiritual growth and healing

Reiki for Spiritual growth and healing


“Energy flows, where attention goes….”

Reiki pronounced Ray-Key is made from 2 words Rei meaning higher power and kei meaning life force energy and is a Japanese form of energy healing.

I learnt Reiki at a time of huge transition in my life and I can honestly say that it was a major catalyst for spiritual growth. I had just split up with my boyfriend, i had had enough of my job in PR and managing a 3 property portfolio and so i learnt Meditation and Reiki and then packed my bags and went to Thailand on a year long journey of self discovery.

Practicing Reiki every day on anyone (and anything) who was happy to receive, felt like magic. I was getting amazing feedback from all my clients and as Reiki can be used on the self, it was transforming me and my belief systems. I felt like I was born to do energy healing and to help people awaken to the natural force and magical truth. 

These days I am a Reiki master who has the privilege of guiding others through their awakening journeys. In these challenging times, its more important than ever to balance the mind, body and soul.

So what is it?

I’ll start by telling you that you have a biofield, in woo woo land we call it an aura but for the avoidance of you thinking that i’m away with the fairies, i’ll keep it semi scientific for  those non versed in cuckoo land speak. PS there is no conventional scientific technology that can study the biofield directly or even document its existence but just because you can’t see it, doesnt mean its not there. 

As I always bang on about, everything is energy and so from time to time your biofield (aura) and energy will need a good scrub, just the same way as you would wash your clothes when they’re dirty or take a shower when you need to get clean. When you have been attuned to Reiki you will be able to use a technique of laying on hands to clear and energy blocks within the aura or biofield.

What does it feel like?

Reiki is able to induce deep relaxation and can help to aid the bodys natural healing process and develop emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing and these days is used in many hospitals and hospices.

There are no known contraindications to learning Reiki and anyone can learn.

If your interest in Energy healing is piqued and you want to learn then check out my upcoming Reiki level 1 courses here LEARN REIKI WITH GENIENE





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