Are you seeking the ultimate Spiritual Journey?

Are you seeking the ultimate Spiritual Journey?


Are you seeking the ultimate spiritual journey?

Align your heart, mind, body & soul on the paradise Island of the Gods, Bali.

The Journey of the Soul is a once in a lifetime 7-day journey that takes you into the very essence of your being and aligns your heart, mind, body and soul on the paradise Island of the Gods, Bali.
Receive sacred soul purification ceremonies from High Priestesses, you can immerse yourself in sacred healing fountains and holy waterfalls and ignite your soul’s purpose in holy temples and sacred sites and enjoy your exquisite accommodation, surrounded by rice fields and soul awakening beauty in the heart of Ubud town, the spiritual hub of Bali.

Born in London, raised in Cyprus, and presently travelling the world teaching seminars. Errol Campbell’s journey into the healing arts has been one of the most transformative and fulfilling journeys he has ever embarked on. For over a decade he has been studying, practicing and teaching both mainstream and holistic personal development and healing seminars to help people transform their lives.

Errol Campbell
Errol Campbell

During his career he has learnt over 43 different modalities including hypnotherapy, NLP, Counselling, Life Coaching and various energy and intuitive based healing processes and techniques. After founding a healing school in London and certifying over a thousand students in advance intuitive healing techniques, Errol decided to follow a deep calling and moved to Asia to continue his immersion into the spiritual healing arts.

The years he spent in Bali were some of the most transformative in Errol’s life, he began to combine all that he had learned and founded his own personal development and healing modality called Source Awakening. The shifts he has witnessed people experience through this life-changing work continues to amaze him and inspired him to teach all over the world.

He created Sacred Spirit Retreats to hold the sacred space for serious soul seekers who are looking to experience a profoundly deep transformation within and shift their lives to a whole new way of being. The retreats offered at Sacred Spirit retreats are designed to ignite and awaken your true authentic self, your inner truth, the essence within.

Errol has a richly diverse team of holistic healers, wellness experts, heart awakeners and soul coaches at his retreats with the sole purpose of awakening retreat goers to the magnificence that resides within.

Hand picked for their ability to transform, inspire and align his guests to their highest potential, the Sacred Spirit Retreats team are dedicated to raising your consciousness to the level of the life you desire to live.

On Errol’s transformation team are 8 experts, 2 of which are listed below:

Ida Resi Alit

Bali’s youngest High Priestess offers deeply profound soul cleansing ceremonies and meditations that shift your whole being to a new level of being. At the young age of 20, Ida experienced a spiritual awakening of immense proportions and was declared High Priestess by the local religious authoritie


One of Bali’s most sought after Baliyan (Local Balinese holy men) Jokoda Rai is an extraordinary talented healer of royal blood descendant.Working with your mental, emotional and physicalbody systems, Jokoda Rai locates, resolves and heals blockages and fears stored deep within.

Are you ready for a breakthrough? To find out more visit Errols website or facebook at




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