Shadow Work is the Path of the Heart Warrior


Shadow Work is the Path of the Heart Warrior


I am a full advocate of the use of the Law of Attraction but what I find a lot of people tend to miss, is that alignment of the personality, that comes through Shadow Work, to allow the subconscious mind to manifest without interference. The term shadow is used in psychology for everything we can’t see in ourselves.

We all have aspects of our personalities that we have abandoned due to culture, society, parents and media. Anything that we deny becomes part of the shadow self. The shadow cannot be eliminated, it stays with us and causes trouble when we fail to see it.

Every child expresses love, generosity and kindness, but they also express anger, selfishness and greed. I’m sure we can all agree that this is just natural right? But alas, as we grow up certain traits that are deemed ‘bad’ may be rejected,as  we adjust our behaviours in order to be accepted.

So if it’s hidden how can we see it?

The qualities we deny in ourselves will be shown in others. We basically project everything that is buried within us onto other people, so if you are triggered by someone being rude to you, its likely you haven’t owned your own rudeness.

Have you ever met a person that complains incessantly about the very actions of others, that they, themselves are guilty of.? This is their shadow, it’s not their fault, they just can’t see it!

As the shadow is integrated you will feel more grounded, more compassionate towards yourself and others and perception of the world will change.

Accepting all parts of the self is the nature of the shadow game!

I am doing a Shadow Self Workshop on December 9th at my studio in Henry Street, limited places are available…..More details here

Hope to see you there,

In la’kech and all the love,






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