When Sound is healing, healing is sound

When Sound is healing, healing is sound


When sound is healing, healing is sound….

When a gifted Sound healer that’s been rated as one of the top 6% in the world today visits from Bali, you really shouldn’t let the opportunity pass by on the chance to do some deep inner work.

So I didn’t.

Eeshi-ra Hart is currently on a tour of England with her 20 years of experience in Sound healing and I was lucky enough to do some work with her whilst she came to Liverpool. I had a session on her earthing mat, tuning forks and a conscious emotional release session

Eeshi-ra Hart
Eeshi-ra Hart

To many, Sound healing is a new concept when in actual fact it’s one of the oldest healing methods in the world.

Vibrational medicine has so many benefits, it can uplift your mood, boost energy levels, relax you and improve your mental focus, tune you into your bodies needs and deepen your connection with yourself to name but a few.

Our voices are potent beyond measure and when we trust in that, it can really open up to being that joyful, playful child again. Beautifully back in the present moment, feeling, sensing and accessing our natural and ecstatic embodied way of being that is our birthright.

After the 2 earlier sessions, the conscious emotional release session was where I felt i had a breakthrough. Eeshira teaches that living in a society of rules where we cannot always express how we truly feel can cause us to build up suppressed energy within our bodies, if we have been taught to stay quiet, or live in a family where emotions and feelings are not talked about, we can often have no option but to internalise our feelings which can lead to disempowerment, depression and illness if left unresolved.

When we free ourselves, we clear out the past, moving through our emotional landscape to a place of clarity when suddenly there is far more energy available to us and we feel lighter, freer, more authentic, more connected and grounded in our bodies and more peaceful and happy as a result.

Rather than engaging with the detail of the story of what happened, when, how challenging it was, etc, we can ask our spiritual selves and our body wisdom to guide us through the process, using the power of the voice, to release anything and everything ready to clear from the body and surrounding energy field.

Eeshi-ra creates a sacred space and then uses breathwork, empathic healing and sound healing frequencies to assist and after an hour of wailing and screaming I can guarantee that you will feel freer, lighter, more connected and peaceful!

You can see Eeshi-ra Hart this weekend in Manchester – places available by booking here

Or book a private Skype session here






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