The Scouse Monk and me

The Scouse Monk and me


The Scouse Monk and me.

Lots of people say to me “I can’t meditate, I just can’t get my mind to be still” Believe me when I tell you that 6 years ago, I couldn’t either.  Until I met the Scouse Monk, that is.

It was a bad year I was having, not just a bad day. I knew intuitively that Meditation was something I needed to learn but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t stop being distracted and giving up. It seemed that that harder I tried, the more frustrated I became.

Knowing that Yoga was a kind of meditation practice so I decided to take that up, and even though it gave me some peace, I still wasn’t able to get my mind to slow to the level I wanted. I just wanted to feel some inner peace among the turmoil.

One day when I was attending my usual class at Liverpool Yoga studios, there was a sign for meditation classes and I took my chance. The guide (my scouse monk) Oszey was just about to lock the door when I turned up, the only person to attend the class, actually.  Oszey took me through the hour of meditation and by the end of the session. I couldn’t believe that amount of time had passed so quickly. I was hooked.

I asked Oszey why he didn’t advertise his business on social media, as I explained to him that I knew that lots of people who could benefit from getting out of their own heads in this way. He told me he didn’t know how to do that, as he had been in a temple in Thailand, living as a monk for the last 7 years. I informed him my background was in PR and Marketing, and that I would help him to grow his business if he would teach me to meditate like they had taught him in the temple. Oszey agreed and so we began spreading the word of the Scouse monk.

Oszey and me

Sometimes Oszey would come to my flat where I lived on the Wirral, occasionally I would drive to his place in Toxteth. He guided me through many hours of meditation, truly opening me up what freedom of mind was, and finally some peace! True to my word I set up Oszey with some business and clients ,and I discovered the Law of Attraction and began to study it. The next leg of my awakening journey would take me to where he had just came back from, Thailand. I had been travelling through Thailand in 2001 and never been back. I felt like I was being called to go and spend time there. Oszey was definitely instrumental to my manifesting that.

These days it gives me so much gratitude to be able to lead people into their own peace of mind, through the methods i’ve learned. Sound healing, with guided meditations, my own tried and tested methods using mindfulness, breath and sound, as well as Reiki…and journeying experience.


All the love and In La’kech

Geniene xx

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