Why wouldn’t the Law of Attraction work for me?

Why wouldn’t the Law of Attraction work for me?


Many people now have heard of and have total faith in the Law of Attraction, and of course there are skeptics, and absolute down right non believers.

But what about those that have full confidence in this Secret, but can’t get the natural law to work for them?

What would stop it from working?

You shouldn’t try and manifest something that’s not yours to have, like someone who is married for example.

You should address any limiting beliefs you have that may be holding you back. Were you taught that money is the root of all evil? Or did you parents tell you ‘money doesn’t grow on trees? If so, manifesting money may prove difficult.

Another thing is, you have to really LOVE the thing that you want to manifest, and you have to have no doubt in your mind belief that you can have that thing. Did you believe 100% or was there a little niggling voice in your head telling you otherwise?

Ok so let’s say you put all your efforts into manifesting a particular thing or event. You did all the procedures, you got clear on what you want and you absolutely believe without a shadow of a doubt, you felt it as though it was really happening, why didn’t it show up? Well of course there could be many reasons, but did you consider that maybe you were being aligned with something even more suitable to your needs? Could be a lesson in patience?

Are you grateful? Being grateful for what we already have is a very high vibration and daily gratitude practice will activate fruitful neural pathways in the brain.

Don’t forget that each person is different, and their experiences will vary greatly. No 2 people’s journey is the same, so you must walk your path with your own true authenticity. Just do you!

Wanna learn more about LOA?

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In la’kech and all the love!

G xxx




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